Nigerian Women praise Olejeme

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Female politicians in Nigeria on Saturday eulogized the virtues of the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, describing her as a woman with a difference.
They also accused some politicians of telling lies against an innocent woman and pasting same to various websites all in their determination to destroy her.
At a meeting to discuss challenges facing women in politics in Abuja, the women praised Dr. Olejeme for entrenching probity, accountability and transparency in NSITF.
They also praised her for placing the organization on a better footing to carry out its very crucial duties.
“Olejeme is a crusader for women empowerment and humanity. She has done so much in NSITF and other organizations. Her investment profile in human development is heavy. She is an achiever.” they said.

A statement by the spokesperson of Women for Active Political Participation (WFAPP) Mrs. Roseline Nwankwo said “Olejeme is everything positive”
The statement praised Olejeme for putting NSITF on the right track of development and acting with integrity, honesty, a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual and groups.

“Olejeme picked NSITF from a status of a moribund entity unable to pay salaries and lifted it to a world class institution. She restructured the organization and re-engineered its current workforce, thus making it one of the most transparent and most equitable government agencies in Nigeria.
The statement enjoined Nigerians to join hands with President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari to build a united, virile and progressive nation
Olejeme is regarded as a turnaround expert.


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