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We shape your reputation, build your brand and move your business forward

• Ken Ochonogor
• Henry Ebireri


Who are we?

MediaGate Management and Consulting Limited is an industry leader in Nigeria.
The company offers individuals and corporate organizations a wide range of uniquely tailored services aimed at building their brands by enhancing their image and creating mutually beneficial relationships with their clientele base.
Why are we different?
• We are experienced in positioning brands as forward thinkers and market leaders using a combination of strategic thought and creativity.
• We get messages out
• We offer a suite of services that meet public relations, marketing and advertising requirements.
• We utilize the channels of mass, multi and social media to reach a wide audience.
• Through our services, we deliver messages in efficient and cost effective ways to larger audiences.

Marketing Service

• We execute marketing messages to reach the maximum number of potential clients
• We are meticulous planners, keeping our clients informed of the status of current marketing strategies and following up on every item to make sure no balls are dropped
• We detect, evaluate new opportunities, and manage customer perception, preferences and requirements
• We gather customer ideas for product and service improvement

Public Relations
• We put our public relations clients in a position to achieve their PR goals by translating their work into a clear, compelling story and then getting that story out.
• We project a positive image of our clients by focusing on the right message.
• We use our unparalleled media contacts to earn consistent high-quality and high-profile public relations media coverage for our clients across print, electronic, online, and broadcast media, both mainstream and targeted.


Message development, Crisis and Reputation management

• We are quick, discreet, and experienced, helping clients prepare ahead of time for potential crises and, when that’s not an option, jumping on board in urgent situations to get the story under control.
• We help our clients articulate their story in a way that persuades and creates the desirable action.
• We develop messages, talking points, and briefing materials.

Media training/ Institutional strategic communications

• We provide intensive and extensive training for staff and spokespeople
• We help build internal communications capacity, staff and auditing communications departments to help them restructure and helping clients meet their desired objectives.

Writing, editing, & placing content
• Our team of skilled writers is ready to draft and shape eye- catching op-eds, blog posts, letters to the editor, speeches and social media content – the building blocks of a successful communications strategy.



Issues, Development and Online campaigns

• We have a proven track record of building public support for new projects and initiatives.
• We arrange events to raise the profile of our clients
• We develop digital platforms, write social media copy and
• Connect customers or stakeholders through Twitter Feed, Facebook and You Tube
• We design and implement multi-platform campaigns that attract and move people to action.
• We identify and engage influencers and leverage every communications channel to advance critical issues and legislation.

Publicity, promotion & design of viral content
• We support our clients through publicity, promotion and design of multimedia content or graphics for dissemination on social media.
• We arrange interviews and write press releases to make the media aware of company events and achievements





Email marketing strategy, Online advertising, Web Management and Direct Mail

• We specialize in digital communication, social media marketing, online PR and online advertising.
• Our mails don’t just get read—they get remembered. By delivering our client’s story straight to the people, our mail shapes the market and shifts the debate.
• Our in-house digital team is on the cutting edge of interactive campaigning. We create static and rich media ads and get more out of search ads than our clients think possible.







Radio/TV/ Video production

• We create TV-products, -documentaries & -commercials for our clients. It is our core business to communicate your messages, brands, events & conferences in a defined target markets, reaching your television & internet audience on an international, national & regional base.
• We produce video contents for our clients.
• Whether for broadcast, cable or the web, we produce creative and memorable advertising for our clients.
• We still believe in radio—for reaching policymakers and commuting demographic groups and other targetable audiences. Our radio spots stand out for their creativity.

Brand Identity, Print & Out-of-Home Service
• Traditional advertising avenues are sometimes still the most effective. We take a fresh approach, combining new and innovative print and out-of-home options with established ones.
• We take a comprehensive approach to branding by evaluating our competitors, talking to stakeholders and ending with a unique identity system and style guide to suit our client’s needs


Publishing/Press services
• News and information services
• Book publishing
• Newspaper
• Magazine
• Website

Brand Ambassadors
• We implement forward-looking, well-researched strategies for our clients
• We also offer strategic in-house training for companies, turning employees into savvy brand ambassadors.
Other Services

• Brand Experience
• Communication strategy
• Consumer & trade media relations
• Consumer and trade media relations
• Consumer PR
• Creative thinking
• CSR Programmes
• Digital PR
• Experiential PR Campaigns
• International PR blueprints
• Issues management
• Media promotions & sponsorships
• New product launches
• Social Media
• Stunts

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