Olejeme celebrates Christmas with widows, orphans, others

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As part of its plans to ensure transformation in the lives of people, the Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Foundation has concluded arrangements to visit orphanage, home for the elderly, hospitals and widows in Delta, Imo and Bayelsa States. The visit is to bring the message of Christmas to the door steps of Nigerians. It is also aimed at encouraging and supporting widows, young females, women, children and elderly with basic needs.
A statement in Abuja signed by Henry Ebireri, Director of Communications, Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Foundation said the visit would bring joy to Nigerians, particularly widows and people with special needs.
“The spirit of goodwill should be brought to Nigerians. It’s also great to see Nigerians happy” the statement said.
“The visit is aimed at sharing the joy and blessings of Christmas and also providing gifts to widows, orphans and people with special needs”
“We just need to boost the morale of such people who are in need of attention and encouragement all the time,” the statement said.

This year’s Christmas celebration of the Ngozi Olejeme Foundation will begin on Thursday, December 18, 2014. It will take place in Abuja, Delta, Bayelsa and Imo.
“The foundation will also visit royal fathers” the statement said.
The Ngozi Olejeme Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster philanthropy by educating, empowering and lifting orphans, young females, women, widows and the elderly.
The organization’s goal is to provide social, emotional and financial support to vulnerable people in Nigeria and abroad.

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