Emulate Olejeme’s virtues, Nwaoboshi advises Ali, others

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Delta State politicians who are desirous of becoming elected or appointed officials have been told to strive to embody the humility, idealism, pragmatism, visionary leadership, selflessness and hard work of Dr. Ngozi Olejeme in their political career.

The call was made by the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta Chapter, Chief Peter Nwaoboshi when Dr. Olejeme and her supporters visited the state secretariat of the party.

Nwaoboshi, who extolled the rare virtues of Olejeme as the most humble governorship aspirant in the state, advised politicians in the state not to go the way of Mrs. Marian Ali, wife of Ahmadu Ali, the erstwhile national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and her associates.

“Let me welcome Dr. Ngozi Olejeme to our state secretariat. I have three reasons of welcoming her. Firstly, Dr. Olejeme is a loyal party member. Secondly, she is a woman who has respect for manhood and humanity. She does not belong to those people that slap men and women. A slap on the state chairman is a slap on the PDP in Delta State. Thirdly, we are appreciative of her humility”

Nwaoboshi stated that Olejeme’s humble background and attitude found full expression in her approach to the party executive committee.

“This befitting edifice that you are seeing today was built with the contributions of leaders and supporters of the party. Today, even without prompting, you felt you cannot enter this secretariat without doing something. We want to thank you profusely for this wonderful presentation of the sum of N10million to furnish the secretariat. We will not disappoint you. We will do all the needful. When you come again, we will show you what we have done with the money” he said.

Noting that Dr. Olejeme assisted greatly in the positioning of Oshimili South PDP, Nwaoboshi stated that although in every sense of a loyal party member, Olejeme saw the need to strengthen the party at the ward, local government and state levels.

“Let me also thank you on behalf of Oshimili South. The chairman of Oshimili South told me that you rented the office and went further to give them a brand new bus. I want to thank you for that wonderful gesture”

He further praised Dr. Olejeme for respecting the leadership of the party.

“We have respect for people who respect us. Since you have come to seek permission from me as the state chairman and members of the state executive to enter the state to canvass, we give you the permission. We give you the permission to canvass for vote. In your usual humility, ask for vote”

Nwaoboshi regretted that the greatest tragedy of our times is that “many politicians are noise makers”

He therefore urged her supporters to play politics of honesty and love.

“I can see many political warriors around you; people who can help Dr. Olejeme to win vote. They are not the people who make noise. Dr. Olejeme is my sister and you have to be honest to her. Follow her with all honesty and do what you know is right for her to win the 2015 governorship election”



Olejeme meets PDP leaders, unfolds vision for Delta

Ahead of the 2015 general elections, the chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has described her visit to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) secretariat as one of the sure steps to Delta State Government House, saying that her coming is symbolic.

“I am the first governorship aspirant to visit this new secretariat. I will definitely be the flag bearer of the party and also win the 2015 governorship election in the state” Dr. Olejeme said.

Dr. Olejeme who was in the state secretariat to inform the leaders of the party of her governorship ambition said “I just need the support of El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty to be governor of Delta State.

“When Godswill Akpabio was vying for the governorship position of Akwa Ibom, the incumbent governor, Obong Victor Attah did not support him. Today, Akpabio is the governor of the state. We don’t need the support of anybody. We need the support of God”

She urged other governorship aspirants in the party to support her ambition.

“In Oshimili South, I found out that my ward members were holding meetings in the chairman’s house. They had no office. I changed the status of my ward. I give them N1million monthly to host meeting. I also give stipends. The rent of PDP secretariat in Oshimili South expired. They contacted me and I quickly paid the rent. At the state level, I did a lot for the people. I gave many unemployed graduates jobs. I also opened offices in Delta State. My brothers who are in the governorship race should see where the pendulum swings and support me to make Delta State great” she said.

Olejeme who also praised Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan for contributing to the development of the state, promised to change the face of the state.

“Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan has done very well. He has done a lot for us. I will carry on where he stops.  I will turn this state around. I will make Delta State a paradise on earth” he added.



Uduaghan praises Asagba, Eze Emu, others

Director General of Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan Wednesday hailed the short listing of the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for the 2015 Delta State governorship by the Anioma Congress.

He also praised the Asagba of Asaba, Prof Chike Edozien, Eze Emu of Emu, His Royal Majesty, Obuenwe Ekpechi Ulu, Obi of Ute- Okpu, His Royal Majesty, Obi Solomon Chukwuka and other Anioma traditional rulers, elders and youths for crowning Olejeme’s relentless efforts with their endorsement.

In a statement issued in Asaba Wednesday, Uduaghan described Dr. Olejeme’s endorsement by the Anioma Congress as a testimony of the recognition of her immense ability and contributions to both Delta North and the country.

“There is no doubt that your life achievements, humility, sincerity of purpose and love for mankind have contributed immensely to your success as the leading Anioma governorship aspirant” he said.

“Dr. Olejeme is a very good choice. I have every confidence that she will be a great governor” he said.

Stressing that Dr. Olejeme has a plethora of all that a leader should have, Uduaghan said “Olejeme is overwhelmingly magnanimous”

“Dr. Olejeme possesses the ability, courage, the sincerity and the guiding philosophy to provide the right leadership for the betterment of the affairs of Delta State” he added.



Delta Ex-Commissioner warns detractors, praises Olejeme

Former DELTA State Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Urban Development, Mr. Raymos Guanah, Wednesday accused some politicians and community leaders of hatching evil motives aimed at dividing Deltans, destroying the solidarity and possibly provoking political tension and crises in the state.

In a statement issued in Asaba Wednesday morning, Guanah described the views credited to the Acting President General of Urhobo Progress Union, Chief Joe Omene as a display of outright malice against Dr. Olejeme.

“Dr. Ngozi Olejeme is an    embodiment of respect, loyalty, honesty, progress, peace and prosperity in Delta State. She is the only aspirant in Delta State with the vision, goodwill, contacts and machinery to win the 2015 governorship election for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). She is also the most serious aspirant for the 2015 Delta State gubernatorial race and the only person who has a work plan” he said.


Guanah who is also the Deputy Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization said the campaign organization is highly perturbed by the statements of some leaders and therefore condemn in strong terms words used in describing the preparation of Dr. Olejeme for the 2015 governorship election.


“With due respect to the Urhobo Nation, if the statement credited to Chief Joe Omene is true, then it is unfortunate. Dr. Omene’s views on the preparation of Dr. Ngozi Olejeme can never be a representation of the Urhobo Nation” he said.

“Whether taken literally or figuratively, it is obvious that he intends to expose Dr. Olejeme to ridicule, hatred and contempt by his actions” Guanah said.

Emphasizing that the UPU is a socio-cultural organization and not a political party, Guanah said “From the time of Mukoro Mowoe, the UPU has played a very vital role in bringing Urhobo together and uniting Nigerians.

Guanah, who also unfolded Olejeme’s political blue print, advised Chief Omene to be very careful about the kind of utterances he makes.

“Dr. Olejeme will focus on education, health, roads, water and agriculture. She will use her vast contacts and goodwill to attract resources for the benefit of the people. She will also encourage the private sector operators through financial and fiscal incentives to develop and locate productive ventures in the state”.

On her achievements, Guanah said Dr. Olejeme worked so hard to make life meaningful to Nigerians, particularly the good people of Delta State.

“She has gained respect around the country and among her peers” he added.



Olejeme, PDP Leaders consultation postponed

The Olejeme Campaign Organization has announced that it has decided to reschedule the meeting with the state chairman of the party, originally scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

A statement in Asaba signed by the Director of Communications, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Henry Ebireri said the Chairman of Nigeria Social Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme would be in Asaba Wednesday to tell the Delta State Chairman of the party, Chief Peter Nwaoboshi and other members of the state executive committee about her ambition.

“The NSITF boss will also meet with party functionaries in Aniocha South, Aniocha North, Ndokwa West, Ndokwa East, Isoko North, Isoko South, Ughelli North, Warri North, Ehiope West, Sapele and Okpe” the statement said.


“The top PDP governorship aspirant is also expected to interact with members of the party from the 25 local government areas on Wednesday in Asaba” the statement added.






State PDP: 12:30pm

Aniocha South 2pm

Aniocha North 3:30pm

Interactive session at Nelrose Hotel: 5pm,



Ndokwa West 10am

Ndokwa East 12noon

Isoko North 1:30pm

Isoko South 3pm

Ughelli North 4:30pm,



Warri North 10am

Ethiope West 12noon

Sapele 2pm

Okpe 4pm









Uduaghan replies critics, says Olejeme will be governor in 2015


Director General of Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan Thursday described the leadership of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) as focused in vision, efficient in delivery and transparent in official conduct.

He also praised Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for making Nigeria, particularly Delta State proud by her achievements in NSITF, Trustfund Pensions Plc and other institutions.

“Dr. Olejeme occupies a special place in the hearts of the people. Her contributions to human capital development, governance and pension schemes in Nigeria, particularly Delta State are impossible to estimate, to measure and to quantify” he said.

At a well-attended meeting of leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Asaba, Uduaghan not only praised Dr. Olejeme for setting high standards in pension matters and management of public finances but also accused some politicians and journalists of feeding the public with cooked and calculated lies.

“Some politicians and journalists are just executing a carefully designed plan to discredit the aspirant and destabilize the campaign organization to further their selfish ends” Uduaghan said.


He appealed to office and money seeking politicians and journalists to temper ambition and greed with concern for public good and genuine welfare of the people.

“Misguided attacks by some politicians, self-acclaimed journalists and their backers will never deter Dr. Olejeme from repositioning NSITF or becoming the next governor of Delta State”.


Uduaghan, who further thanked the people for the confidence reposed on Dr. Olejeme, said the aspirant would continue to work for the good of Nigerians.


Regretting that the country is yet to fully tap her wealth of experience and knowledge, Uduaghan said “We are determined to work assiduously towards installing Dr. Olejeme as the next governor of Delta State”


He urged Dr. Olejeme to keep up the good works, irrespective of the antics of some detractors who peddle false stories about NSITF.


“In any system, there are always destroyers. Dr. Olejeme should look away from these destroyers and get on with important matters, since they are arrogant and reckless politicians and journalists pursuing their selfish agenda” he added.




Expectations of Deltans will be met by Olejeme, says Uduaghan

Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has the potential and capacity to deliver public goods and services, says Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan.

Uduaghan, Chairman of Olejeme Campaign Organization, who unfolded initiatives aimed at improving the state and the people Tuesday in Warri, said Dr. Olejeme’s vision was an integrated rural and urban development programme, which would include electrification, communication, health care, education, security, roads and job creation.

Poised to excel, Uduaghan told top Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders in the state, prominent chiefs, clergymen, women and youth leaders that Dr. Olejeme would not only sustain the tempo of development in the state but also strive to improve on the present record.

Exuding confidence in Olejeme’s plans for the state and the people, Uduaghan declared: “There will be a revolution in the education sector. Olejeme will take over WAEC fees for both JSS and SSS students throughout the state. She will also build and equip science laboratories as well as good libraries. She will provide text books and exercise books free of charge to students from primary to secondary levels in the state. She will also address the challenges facing tertiary institutions in the state.

Continuing, he said “Olejeme will embark on small scale industrial projects in all the 25 local government areas of the state. All the state hospitals will be reactivated while new ones will be built where necessary. The hospitals will be well equipped with drugs, stand by generating plants and regular water supply”.

Promising to wage war against poverty and unemployment by constantly seeking for ways more jobs could be created for the ever increasing number of the unemployed in the state, Uduaghan said pension arrears crisis would be over in 2015.

“Agreement reached between government and the Joint Negotiation Council, Delta State Chapter will be implemented. Various artisan and craft centres will be opened in all the local government areas with technical instructors for the various artisan trades to keep our women very busy in the rural areas. Markets will be opened in strategic locations while abandoned markets will also be completed”.

“Olejeme will accord the well-deserved courtesy of royal father to traditional rulers. New vehicles will be provided and maintained by government for members of the state traditional council” he said.


Urging Deltans at home and abroad to support her, Uduaghan said

“Dr. Olejeme is qualified educationally, socially and politically to be the next governor of Delta State”


Delta leaders push for Olejeme


Delta Political leaders on Sunday agreed to step up efforts to ensure victory for Dr. Ngozi Olejeme in the November 29 governorship primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“Dr. Olejeme is the only person that can genuinely change Delta State. The other aspirants represent divisive tendencies, which can endanger the unity, peace and progress of the state” Chief Magnus Okonkwo, Chairman, Forum for Responsible, Representative and Accountable Government in Delta State (FFRRAAG) said.

Speaking at the inauguration of the group in Asaba, Chief Okonkwo said “The task of developing the state is too heavy, and requires the maturity, quiet dignity and broad vision of Dr. Ngozi Olejeme”


“What we need in 2015 is focused, purposeful, proactive, energetic and God fearing leadership. We need a strong leader that can efficiently harness the vast resources of this state and commit such resources to meaningful growth and development. We need a leadership that will govern within the spirit of fairness, equity and justice in order to truly unite our people” Okonkwo said.
Looking at the political history of Dr. Olejeme, coupled with the humility that she has displayed in the discharge of her responsibilities in different organizations and the divine wisdom in the handling of the affairs of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Okonkwo said “Dr. Olejeme represents the positive change that Deltans have been asking for.

“Olejeme is the best person to truly change our state for the better. We are calling on Deltans at home and abroad to give her the authority to transform the state”.

“Dr. Olejeme is the only aspirant that has the intellect, the philosophical depth of vision and the temperamental disposition to transform the state. She holds the promise of change” he added.



Uduaghan praises Sefia, says Olejeme will lead Delta State successfully


Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, Thursday, exuded confidence that Dr. Ngozi Olejeme would become the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State.

He also lauded the leadership qualities of the chairman, Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Elders Council, Chief Gabriel Sefia.

Speaking at a reception in honour of Chief Sefia in Ovwian, Udu Local Government Area, Uduaghan who called on PDP members supporting other governorship aspirants in the state to cross over said “We are here to celebrate what God has given to us, a personality of great honour and a man of the people”

Uduaghan told traditional chiefs, the intellectuals, politicians, youth leaders and business people present at the 88th birthday celebration of Chief Sefia that Dr. Ngozi Olejeme would triumph any obstacles and bring to fruition that government in Delta State that will represent the collective dream of the people.

Promising That Olejeme will not abandon any area, Uduaghan said Dr. Olejeme would turn things around.

“A government under Dr. Olejeme will shift resources to the local government areas, encourage the establishment of small scale and cottage industries as well as improve co-operative society system. All government owned primary and post primary institutions shall be rehabilitated. Teachers shall be paid as at when due” he promised.

On her chances, Uduaghan said “It is God who gives power to whom He wishes and I am confident that Olejeme will be governor of Delta State in 2015.


“Olejeme is a very humble woman. She is a well-organized person. She will lead Delta State successfully” he added.







NAWOJ names Olejeme BOT member

Determined to tap from her wealth of experience, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) has appointed the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme as a member of its Board of Trustees.

A statement signed by the National President of NAWOJ, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Omowole and National Secretary, Mrs. Ladi Patrick Adams on Tuesday said the appointment was hinged on her highly rated performance as the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Trustfund Pensions Plc and the positive role she played in the lives of women and Delta State indigenes over the years.

“The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), the women’s wing of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) with membership from the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has graciously appointed you a member of its board of trustees” the statement said.

Looking forward to working closely with Dr. Olejeme over the coming years and benefiting from her experience and wisdom, the statement said she would be inaugurated on October 25, 2014 at a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of NAWOJ.

“The venue is June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto Abeokuta, Ogun State at 5:00pm” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Olejeme Campaign Organization has through its Director General; Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan sent a congratulatory message to the Delta State governorship hopeful.

He described the appointment as a sign of good things to come to NAWOJ and Delta State.

Pledging the organization’s support to Dr. Olejeme in her new assignment, Uduaghan declared “We are proud to be associated with you and shall provide all support you may require for the growth of NAWOJ. We wish you God’s help in yet another phase of your continuing service to humanity”



2015: Jonathan has no rival – Uduaghan

Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, Saturday, dismissed the ambition of presidential aspirants in the opposition parties, saying President Goodluck Jonathan has enough popularity on the ground to stand against any possible candidate that the opposition parties could actually provide.

“President Goodluck Jonathan has enough support on the ground. In fact, his popularity is increasing” he said.


Uduaghan praised President Goodluck Jonathan for his efforts at providing strong leadership and charting a new course for the country.

Uduaghan who led thousands of party faithful to the South-South Unity Rally in Benin commended President Jonathan for his national transformation agenda.

“We must commend Mr. President for the improvement in the power sector, for rehabilitating and expanding national infrastructure, for developing agriculture and education as well as generating employment”

Continuing, he said “Mr. President has offered Nigerians a leadership of vision, a leadership of values and a leadership dedicated to a brighter tomorrow. He should continue in 2015”

Uduaghan also extolled Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for her leadership style, describing her as the person who is best capable of leading Delta Sate forward.

He said the high profile network of the politics of Delta State would not dwarf her.

“Olejeme will give it all it takes in order to better the lot of the people of Delta State. She will not succumb to intimidation or give in to the stress associated with electioneering. Olejeme has been receiving the blessings of a lot of the party’s big wigs” Uduaghan said.

On programmes to pursue, Uduaghan said “Our main concern is to provide Deltans with the best vision forward as possible. All the programmes that will be implemented by Dr. Olejeme will be geared towards generating employment, ensuring integrative transportation system and developing infrastructure”


Uduaghan to Coordinators: Go back to your constituencies

Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan Thursday Urged the people of Delta State to support Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, saying she will accelerate the development of the state.

He also advised ward, local government and senatorial coordinators of Olejeme Campaign Organization to return to their constituency and ensure that Dr. Olejeme becomes the governorship flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and governor in 2015”

Speaking at a gathering of social and political elite in Asaba, Uduaghan said “Delta State needs Dr. Ngozi Olejeme to pilot its affairs to the door of prosperity”

Using the event to review the state’s past and to present a road map for the future, Uduaghan and other key actors in the event emphasized that Dr. Olejeme would revolutionize governance in the state through the dispensation of noticeable democratic dividends.

“Olejeme will provide excellent healthcare facilities, efficient urban and rural road networks as well as develop the education sector through adequate funding” Uduaghan said.

He described 0lejeme as an embodiment of industriousness, honesty and dynamism.

“Her life is a flowing tribute to excellence. She believes in the enthronement of good and quality leadership; she believes in the utilitarian philosophy-the greatest good to the commonest people as a path towards elevating society from the clutches of backwardness. She has remained a humble woman, pursuing the tenets of integrity, credibility, transparency, honesty and such virtues that lead to enduring values” he said.


Continuing, Uduaghan said “Olejeme has used her position to advocate for peace, justice, fairness and unity as well as build bridges of friendship across communities and personalities. She has also remained a moderating influence and a natural source of inspiration to the young and the old in Delta State”

“Olejeme will attract investment to the state” he added.


Former Delta State Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Urban Development, Barrister Raymos Guanah also described Dr. Olejeme as the best governorship material for the February 28, 2015 polls.

“She will raise Delta State to the next level of development” Guanah affirmed.

Guanah while expressing optimism that Dr. Olejeme would be the next governor of Delta State dismissed the issue of gender in the governorship race.

“Olejeme is the frontrunner. She will break the jinx in 2015 and become the first elected female governor in Nigeria. She will have a smooth run into the Delta State Government House” he said.

“The best person for the job is Olejeme. Apart from her capability and intimidating political structure, she also commands large grassroots followership because of her love for the poor”

Guanah emphasized that majority of Delta political leaders resolved to support Olejeme in her bid to be governor of the state in 2015.

He called on the people to rally round Olejeme to ensure her success in 2015.

He assured prominent leaders in the state that Olejeme would build upon the developmental programmes of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.



Uduaghan urges support for Olejeme’s governorship bid

Support for the Chairman, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme mounted on Sunday in Asaba as Urhobo youth groups urged  Urhobo governorship aspirants to drop their  ambition and support her.

Chairman, Urhobo Youth Movement, Mr. Joshua Akpomedaye who led a delegation of Urhobo sons and daughters to her campaign headquarters in Asaba, said Urhobo youths were in total support of her governorship bid.

“We are proud of what she has done in in the country. She has eased the pains of Urhobo youths.” he said.

The youth leader who described Olejeme as a viable alternative said “Delta State does not need a leadership that is bereft of ideas but the one that has the will to build”

Receiving the youths on behalf of Dr. Olejeme, Chairman, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan said the state would witness unprecedented transformation in 2015.

“Delta State needs a capable person to take it to the Promised Land. Olejeme has done well in NSITF and other institutions. She will win the 2015 governorship election based on her popularity, network and the goodwill she has garnered from Nigerians, particularly Deltans“

On the expectations of Deltans at home and abroad, Uduaghan said Olejeme would rule the state with the fear of God.

“Olejeme will operate comprehensive social welfare programmes, execute projects that will impact on the economy and create jobs for the youths. She will also provide buses to youth groups and ensure effective bursary awards to students in tertiary institutions” he said.

“There will be improvement in health, housing, roads and public transportation” he added.




Olejeme is a governorship material to beat, says Uduaghan


To fully appreciate the potential inherent in Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, the people of Delta State need to invest more in her. They need to give her maximum support to be governor of the state in 2015, says Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan.


Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, cousin of the current governor of the state and Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization said the giant strides recorded by Dr. Olejeme in Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Subsidy Re-Investment Program (SURE-P) and Trust Fund Pensions PLC were evidence that she is capable of transforming Delta State if she has the opportunity of being governor.


“Ability to perform should be the prerequisite for entrusting responsibility” he said.

Addressing prominent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders in Koko, Warri North Local Government Area on Friday, Uduaghan said Delta State would experience an unprecedented era of economic development and good governance”

“With Olejeme as governor, Delta State will witness consolidated and programmed development that all men and women of goodwill will be good to be associated with” he said.

Uduaghan who described Olejeme as a gifted manager of men and resources capable of running the affairs of the state successfully said no part of Delta State would be left out in the scheme of things.

“In making appointments, Olejeme will take the entire geography of the state into consideration. She will pay adequate attention to interests that will assist in the overall development of the state. She will spread social and infrastructural amenities” he promised.

Continuing, Uduaghan said “Olejeme is a woman that personifies probity and accountability. Her administration will implement policies and programmes that would empower the masses”

On her chances, Uduaghan said “There is a growing favour for what Olejeme stands for. More than ever before, Nigerians at home and abroad have come to recognize the fact that she is a huge asset to them.”

“Olejeme is a governorship material to beat” he added.




Why Olejeme will be Delta State governor in 2015 – Uduaghan

Director General, Olejeme Campaign Organization, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, Thursday said Dr. Ngozi Olejeme would sustain the peace and unity that have become part of the state’s existence and growth.

“Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has the best of plans for the development of Delta State. She will run an all-inclusive administration that will enthrone probity and accountability” he promised.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after meeting with Olejeme’s coordinators from the 25 local government areas in Delta State, Uduaghan said there were no worries as to whether Olejeme would become governor in 2015.

“The question of Dr. Ngozi Olejeme becoming governor in 2015 cannot be compromised” he said.

Uduaghan also affirmed Olejeme’s antecedents of humility, commitment to duty, accessibility and integrity.

“These are veritable tools that will facilitate her performance” he said.

According to Uduaghan, having performed at the national level, Olejeme could comfortably lead Delta State to the Promised Land.

“Delta State deserves a woman of integrity, honour and graceful disposition. Delta State needs a governor who can be trusted at home and respected abroad. Olejeme is not new to government. She has it all and I know she can make the desired change” he said.

Stressing that concerted efforts are already in place to make Olejeme the flag bearer of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Uduaghan said Deltans at home and abroad, particularly members of the political class are now united.

“Olejeme is God fearing, articulate, industrious, hardworking and truthful. She has wide connections and influence to bring development to the state. She is also a symbol of courage” he added.




2015: Delta Leaders Rate Governorship Aspirants

The Chairman, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme may have emerged as the favoured candidate for the 2015 Delta State governorship election.

An opinion poll conducted in Asaba, Agbor, Warri, Asaba, Patani and Oleh tagged “Delta Governorship Project” by Delta Political and Economic Leaders Movement (DPEC) saw Olejeme coming ahead of fellow aspirants to emerge winner.

The poll is said to be based on certain fundamental indices such as popularity, track record, courage among others.

The coordinator of DPEC, Dr. Afoke Okumagba said “The poll conducted across the state saw Olejeme emerging as the consensus candidate having polled over 75 percent of the vote cast in the local government areas where the polls were conducted.

Olejeme was said to have polled 54 percent in Agbor, followed by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa 15 percent, Businessman, Chief Great Ogboru nine percent, Present Delta State House Speaker Rt. Hon. Victor Ochie seven percent, the past Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Mr. Godsday Orubebe two percent and the permanent Secretary in Government House, Tony Obuh one percent.

In Sapele, Olejeme was said to have polled 36 percent with Ogboru 30, former Secretary to Delta State Government (SSG), Chief Ovie Omo-Agege 10 percent, Okowa 6 percent, Delta State Deputy Governor, Amos Utuama 5 percent with Ambassador Gabriel Oyebode, Chief Godswill Obielum, Chief Clement Ofuani, Dr. Estter Uduehi, Business mogul, Chief Peter Okocha, Chief of Staff, Government House, Asaba, Dr. Festus Okubor, Prof Pat. Utomi, Chief Fidelis Tilije, Federal House of Representatives member, Hon. Godwin Ndudi Elumelu, former acting governor of Delta state, Mr. Sam Obi, Presidential Adviser on Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Prof Sylvester Monye and former Minister of State (Education),  Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi and former Principal Secretary to late President Musa Yar’Adua, Chief David Edevbie scoring no point.

Meanwhile, Deltans in Abuja under the aegis of Delta Leadership Forum have endorsed the candidacy of the Chairman, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for the 2015 governorship election in the state.

The group in a statement after its monthly general meeting in Abuja said “We stand to benefit from a new leadership headed by Dr. Ngozi Olejeme.

The statement signed by Mrs. Charity Clark, said Deltans in Abuja could not afford to stand by and not support a worthy cause.

Promising to mobilize Deltans in different parts of the country towards making Olejeme the governor of the state in 2015, the group added “Olejeme has ability to run an administration that will carry every interest along”




Uduaghan to Deltans: Don’t be deceived


Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme will make Delta State prosperous, says Director General, You and I Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan.

He also advised Deltans at home and abroad not to be carried away by the alleged endorsement of certain people in the state.

Uduaghan who affirmed his support for Olejeme’s quest to become the governor of the state in 2015, said misguided attacks by some self-acclaimed leaders and their backers would never deter Olejeme from becoming governor of the state in 2015”.

Speaking in a breakfast session with leaders of major political parties in Oleh, headquarters of Isoko South Local Government Area Monday, Uduaghan said Olejeme would make the difference in the politics and development of the state.

Drawing inspiration from the good governance template as laid down by Dr. Olejeme, Uduaghan said  her  leadership would go beyond providing critical infrastructure, paying salaries, gratuities, pensions, employing large number of qualified people into the civil service and financing the education of thousands in local and foreign universities.

“Olejeme will complete abandoned and all on-going projects in the state. She will find solution to the problems of the state, inculcate positive values like honesty, hard work, and fairness and ensure social justice and good governance in the state.

“Olejeme will also encourage the poor and powerless to take part in the government of the communities and the state, promote grassroots economic development, prevent environmental degradation, help the poor people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, make the development process more accountable, transparent and participatory as well as provide conducive atmosphere for local and foreign investors” Uduaghan said.





You can’t rule in 2015, NANS tells APC, others, endorses Jonathan, Olejeme



The rising political profile of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and other opposition parties in the country is coming under serious threat from Nigerian students.


The students who are bent on truncating the attempt of the parties to occupy the presidential and governorship seats in some states, Friday, advised Nigerians not to vote for opposition parties in 2015.


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) vowed to make Dr. Goodluck Jonathan president through the ballot box in 2015.

“History will be repeated in 2015”


The association also urged the leadership of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to field the chairperson of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme as the party’s candidate for the governorship election in Delta State.


The call was made at the inauguration of the Nigeria Students Transformation Vanguard which preceded the 2014 annual convention of NANS in Asaba, Delta State. The event which was attended by over ten thousand students also had the National leadership of NANS, zonal leaders of NANS, joint campus committee chairmen, over 150 students’ union presidents and 16 former presidents and senate presidents of the association.


Describing the Transformation Agenda of President Jonathan as unprecedented in the history of Nigeria, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) President, Comrade Yinka Gbadebo commended Mr. President for contributing greatly to the development of the country.


The association listed education, youth empowerment and the infrastructural   development of the country as areas where Mr. President excelled.


On Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, the association said “Having screed all the aspirants that have come out till date in Delta State, NANS has come to the conclusion that Dr. Ngozi Olejeme appears the only aspirant whose interest, integrity and reputation tower far above others”


Emphasizing Olejeme’s contributions to the development of the Students movement in Nigeria and her untiring commitment to youth development in Delta State, the association said Dr. Olejeme identified with the Programmes of the union and the struggle for better education in Nigeria.


Not unmindful of the criticism that may emanate from the decision of the association, Comrade Yinka Gbadebo challenged those not happy with the decision to come out to debate with key members of the association on the achievements of past leaders and the current president.

The association also dismissed other aspirants eyeing the presidential seat.

“They cannot contribute to the development of Nigeria”


He mandated the Transformation Vanguard to collect the signatures of ten million volunteers. He also enjoined the various chapters to commence door to door advocacy of the Goodluck Transformation Agenda.




Olejeme has no official Facebook account, says Ben Atu



The Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has no official Facebook or any other social media account, says Ben Atu


A statement from the office of the Director of Communications of You and I Foundation today disowned a group known as Friends of Olejeme.


“We have come to discover that Akpoduado Igho Precious and others are using different Facebook accounts with the name ”Juliet Ngozi Olejeme” with her picture  to collect money from people in the name of conferenceat the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja, empowerment form and employment opportunities” the office stated.

Describing them as scammers, the statement advised Nigerians at home and abroad, particularly skilled workers, not to fall prey to the antics of these criminal elements.


Info@ngoziolejeme.com, mymailbox276@yahoo.com, deltastatetransformation2015@gmail.com and info@columntrust.com are suspicious emails”


It appealed to the police and other security agencies to investigate the matter.


“They must identify those behind Column Trust Limited. They must find the owner of First Bank of Nigeria Plc Savings Account Number: 3077979761 and the users of these mobile numbers; 08122606953, 08116905821, 07068942071”




I’m sure of winning the guber race, says Olejeme

The Chairman, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme weekend declared that she would break the jinx and emerge as the first elected female governor in Nigeria.

Addressing party faithful, community leaders, youths and women in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area, Olejeme said her governorship ambition was virtually signed, sealed and delivered.

Promising to alter the political arithmetic in the state, Olejeme said “I am prepared for the 2015 governorship race”.

“God has programmed a woman to occupy the Delta State governorship seat in 2015. It is a mandate from God. He is going to put a woman on that seat come May 29, 2015. He will stop at nothing to ensure that I win the primaries and the 2015 governorship election.

Stressing that what a man can do, a woman can do better, Olejeme said at the critical moment, other aspirants would support her.

“No shaking. Other aspirants are my brothers. I respect the men but when the chips are down, they will support me”

What remained, according to the NSITF boss was her inauguration.

Olejeme who also reflected on the roads taken, the paths not explored, what need to be done and her place in the road ahead, promised to manage the wealth of the state efficiently.

“We will end this journey in victory in 2015. We will add value to the state. We will make Delta State better. We will provide sound education, basic health care facilities, potable drinking water, efficient transport, urban and rural connection facilities and other basic services” she promised.

Armed with the right statistics and information on the needs of the people, Olejeme reaffirmed her stance to ensure that numerous Deltans are employed.


Olejeme who was in Delta Central to map out strategies for the forthcoming elections met with PDP stakeholders from Delta Central political zone and You and I coordinators in the 25 local government areas.


Olejeme remains the most credible- Urhobo leaders

The political atmosphere in Delta State weekend became charged as prominent Urhobo leaders named the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme as their choice for the 2015 governorship election.

“Olejeme remains the most credible candidate from Delta North. She is a reliable leader and has all it takes to lead Delta State to success. ”the leaders said.

Reading from a prepared text on behalf of Uvwie   leaders, Comrade Chidi Udensi said Olejeme handling of the affairs of NSITF was an indication that she would better the lot of Deltans if elected governor.

“Olejeme has the pedigree required to make a good governor. If she could diligently develop NSITF, a fit that has been commended by political and economic leaders in Nigeria and abroad, she should be given the opportunity to use her wealth of experience to lead the state to the Promised Land”

They urged Delta North political and community leaders to set aside their political differences and support Olejeme.

They also appealed to Itsekiri, Ijaw and Isoko leaders to support her.


“We are aware of other aspirants vying for nomination in the PDP, particularly Urhobo sons.

Responding, Olejeme promised to address Urhobo interest in the next political dispensation.

“You will have a say in the running of government. It will be a government of the people, by the people and for the people” she promised.

In attendance were Chief Udensi, Ighomrore Tony, Obilobi Joseph, John Uyarogho, Patience Onokeate, Kingsley Abugewa, Patricia Idjerhe, Dafe Obakponuta, Emmanuel Taire, Ejoke Idesoh, Ighomrore Victor, Charity Ileleji and Anthony Emewakeme.

Others include Chief Famous Enuiroro, Chief Queen Ologitere, Chief Kate Esigie, Ejiro Esuovwa, Igho Oruke, Chief Michael Eshenake, Moses Emabamike, Success Satini, Frank Abugewa, Wilson Jokoh, Dada Alamudo and Elohor Kimini.



Ughelli South Leaders declare support for Olejeme

Top political leaders in Ughelli South Local Government Area Friday took a decision to mobilize their people for the chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme

In a meeting with Olejeme in Otu Jeremi, headquarters of Ughelli South LGA, the leaders said they could not afford to stand by and not support a worthy cause.

“We believe this can further benefit us the more having seen what she has been able to do for us under the able and achieving administration of President Goodluck Jonathan” former vice chairman of Ughelli South Local Government Area, Chief Francis Aguonigho said.

Using such indices as network of influence, state wide acceptability, human and material resources and others, the leaders said Olejeme’s governorship was an idea whose time had come.

They also reaffirmed their position on power shift come 2015, praising the aspirant for her efforts at charting a new course for the state

“She has the ability to run an administration that will carry every interest along. She has a well-articulated programme”.

Olejeme in her response commended the leaders for endorsing her.

“I am humbled by the confidence reposed in my leadership. By the Grace of God, we will advance toward our vision of a united, prosperous and peaceful Delta State. I will provide quality leadership for all”

She also promised to mobilize the greater majority for development.

“We will create stability through the promotion of harmonious ethnic co-existence. We will give our elders a pride of place. We will provide good roads, water and employment. We will revitalize state industries and attract more industries. We will give security attention” she added.







Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme, FCIDA, MIoD is a successful entrepreneur, an astute Philanthropist and Administrator of repute.  A boardroom Guru with wealth of experience, she has a proven record of success in administrative governance and business management.  She hails from Asaba, in Delta State of Nigeria.

“Your Excellency”, as she is fondly called by her friends and admirers, on account of her gubernatorial primary elections in Delta State, is an embodiment of beauty and intelligence.

In pursuant of her Academic career, Dr. Mrs Ngozi Olejeme is blessed with the following qualifications;

  • American Heritage University             Master of Business

Administration (MBA)

of Southern California


  • American Heritage University             Bachelor of Business

Administration (BBA)

of Southern California


  • University of Lagos                 Advanced Diploma in

Business Administration (ADB/008)


  • University of Lagos                 Executive Diploma in

Business Administration (EDB/005)

  • Association of Business                Certificate in Business Administration

Executives (ABE), London


Dr Mrs Olejeme is an alumnus of the following Ivy League institutions:

  • University of Lagos.
  •  The prestigious Harvard Business School, Boston, U.S.A.
  • Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Saad Business School, Oxford University, United Kingdom.
  • Pan African University (Lagos Business School) Nigeria.


Due to her prudent management skills, Dr. Mrs Ngozi Olejeme sits on the board of many Government establishments and Private Companies which includes:

  • Chairman Board of Directors, Trust Fund Pensions Plc
  • Chairman Board of Director, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF
  • Member, Board of Directors Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd.
  • Member, Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment programme (SURE-P).
  • Convener Public Works/FERMA, SURE-P
  • Director of Finance Goodluck Support Group (GSG)
  • Federal Government Delegate (Female) representing South/South, National Conference, 2014
  • Chairman CEO, ABLE JES Nig. Ltd.
  • Chairman CEO, Fresh Energy Nig. Ltd.
  • Executive Director, JULIND Nig. Ltd.
  • Member, Board of Directors, Sheraton Hotels and Towers.
  • Founder Ngozi Olejeme Foundation
  • Chairman U &I Development Foundation

In the year 2006, she was made a Director on the Board of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited by President Olusegun Obasanjo.  She was later appointed in 2009 by late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua, as Chairman Board of Directors of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF.  The First Female to hold such position in the Country.

She is the convener of the SURE-P sub-committee on Public Works/Road rehabilitation and FERMA.  The subsidy Re-investment Empowerment is a policy the Federal Government designed to cushion the impact of removal of fuel subsidy and to accelerate rapid growth.



  • She transformed the NSITF from a moribund organization with only eighty staffs to a strong and vibrant organization that has witnessed tremendous growth with over five thousand (5000) Staffs and branches Nationwide.
  •  She saw to the successful enactment into law of the Employees’ Compensation Act, in December 2010, and the setting up of necessary human and physical infrastructures for the implementation of the Act. She saw to the successful amendment of the provisions of NSITF Act.
  • Since her appointment as the Board Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), she has led the campaign for the provision of adequate compensation to workers both in the private and public sector and this bill has just been passed by the National Assembly.
  • Employed over two thousands Youth and Women from various Local Government in Delta State and Nigeria as a whole into the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).
  • Facilitated the opening of NSITF Branches in Asaba, Sapele and Warri respectively as well as in other States in the country.
  • Under her leadership as the Board Chairman, Trustfund pensions Plc which is one of the leading Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) in Nigeria, the fund has experienced a greater transformation with a long list of customers and dedicated staffs. She amongst other things; Oversees the board and ensure that Management implements Board decisions with regards to day to day running of the organization; Determine and review company goals; Delegate authority to Management; Monitor and evaluate implementation; Understand and take into account the interest of customers and relevant shareholders.


The Ngozi Olejeme foundation is a non- governmental organization set up by Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme to cater to the demands of widows and down-trodden people of Delta State and Nigeria at large. Over the years the foundation has spent millions of naira towards poverty eradication by empowering the widows through soft grants and provision of equipment such as driers, grinding and sewing machines etc for the women and youth. The foundation is also involved in providing scholarship to the young people of the State so as to achieve their academic goals.

The foundation is also well known in Delta State for its yearly distribution of food items in various communities across the State during the Christmas period. Dr.Ngozi  Olejeme also takes time out of her ever busy schedules to visit various orphanages, prisons and displaced homes in Delta State and Nigeria with a view in providing them relief materials and moral support.

In recognition of her relentless advocacy for the down-trodden and good governance, she has been awarded the following honours:

  • Honorary Doctorate Degree by American Heritage University of Southern California (Doctor of Public Policy, Honoris Causa).
  • Prestigious Africa International Award, AIA Ghana.
  • Fellow, Civilian Institute of Democratic Administration, FCIDA, (Nigeria).
  • Fellow, Micheal Imodu Institute of Labour Studies.
  • Champions of Workers Welfare Award by Labour Workers Associations of Nigeria.
  • Honarary Life Member and Royal Commonwealth Ambassador, Royal Commonwealth Society, Nigeria.
  • Nigeria Social   Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) 2010, Nigeria Female Entrepreneur Award.
  • Global Excellence in Leadership Award by Student Association of Nigeria in Diaspora (SAND).
  • Global Achievement Award for Societal Rehabilitation and Capital Development Award by Montage Africa Women of Excellence Awards, 2013.
  • The 2013 Valiant Award by National Conference of Black Mayors NCBM, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Panelist on the Session on Law and Social Security, by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.
  • Member, Board of Patrons, Congress of Muslims and Christian Youths for Unity.
  • Member, the Association of Business Executives, London.
  • President, Igbo Women Forum of Nigeria.

Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Olejeme’s exploits in politics cannot be complete without
the mention of her roles in the Presidential campaign organization of
the President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo. She was at various times, the Director of Women Affairs in Goodluck/Sambo Presidential Campaign Organization; Deputy Director Special Duties/Welfare in the Goodluck/Sambo Presidential Organization and Deputy Director Civil Society/Labour in the Presidential Campaign Council of the greatest and largest political party in Africa, the PDP.
As an astute Politician, her desire to contribute to the socio-economic and political development of her country in an atmosphere of accountability, led to her emergence as one of the gubernatorial aspirants for Delta State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the 2007 primary elections.

She strives to work for a peaceful, prosperous and united Nigeria and her people of Delta State, particularly Youths and Women for the promotion and sustenance of democracy.

Dr. Mrs Ngozi Olejeme has some books in her honor among which is a book titled “Gender Democracy and National Development’ a book that is based on the perspectives on the role of women in strengthening Democracy and Good Governance in Nigeria.

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