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Media Gate Management and Consulting Limited is a young but fast growing organization carving a niche in advertising/marketing, sports and political communications.

Incorporated in 2013, the organization is fast becoming a magnet for clients. It offers an entire range of Public Relations and publicity services designed to meet the needs of its clients. It also helps new businesses and brands, promotes clients and maximizes their exposure, by using the invaluable contacts built up over two decades by the directors at the highest levels in the local and foreign media.

As a total marketing solutions organization, it also undertakes press coverage, media planning, publishing, media / analyst relations, media training, radio/television production, research, social media marketing, digital Strategy, advertising/copywriting (radio, television, press and outdoor), rebranding, strategic messaging, community relations and trade show speaking.


The Goals of the organization

•     To deliver efficient advertising and effective marketing communication

To put client business at the top of the news

•     To build clients and products in print, electronic and on-line

•     To secure top press placements for clients across all mediums including print, broadcast and online outlets

•     To help businesses tell their stories across social media, newspapers, TV, radio and the internet.

•     To bring a breath of fresh air to public relations strategies by marrying journalistic integrity with innovative traditional and social media strategies

•     To deliver cost effective coverage

  • To provide value- added corporate communication services to discerning clients
  • To give business a plus



Media contacts

We leverage our personal media contacts and utilize a live media database that includes all reporters in Nigeria and outside the country. We pitch specific beat reporters related to your company, story, product and website.


Media Coverage 

We know the secrets to securing media coverage. We treat the media like valued customers and we respond to their queries in seconds and minutes (not hours). We give journalists timely, compelling, custom story ideas and our clients get rewarded with great coverage. We bring a customer service approach to every conversation with journalists and we speak to them from a journalist’s perspective. This leads to a high percentage of our pitches becoming stories for clients.


New Stories

We know the importance of offering reporters ‘people stories’ rather than ‘company stories’. Reporters have to pitch their editors and news assignment desks to get approval for coverage. The only way they get the green light is to do stories about people and stories that affect people. We always include timely angles that impact viewers, listeners and readers to help reporters get approval to cover stories about our clients.


Social Media

Our social media strategy includes sharing your story in Facebook, writing blog posts, creating a YouTube video library with site tutorials and news stories, as well as creating a Twitter profile.


On Twitter, we make daily posts and “follow” journalists, bloggers and the general public who may be interested in hearing about you, your company, product etc. We also work on building lists of “followers”.


Media Organizations

We specialize in getting your story on the news, on the top Internet sites and on the pages of the biggest newspapers in Nigeria. We subscribe to the most extensive media list services in the world so we always have up to date contacts. We pitch these lists and we pitch our former colleagues and contacts. We feed them stories that they want to cover.



Press Releases


We specialize is writing press releases that tell a story and look like news. We can make mundane corporate announcements read like breaking news. We are also not shy when it comes to suggesting to a client that certain announcements are not newsworthy. We recommend putting out press releases that are compelling and relevant so that reporters look forward to hearing from your company.


Media Training


We provide training for on camera interviews. We also conduct practice interviews to prepare your spokespeople and help them provide the best answers for reporters.


Crisis Management


We consult with management and then react on the PR front to make sure any minor crisis does not become a major one. We are strong writers who can put out an urgent press release and head off any developing problems before they become an issue. Our policy is to be proactive and react quickly.




Search Engine Services


Our Search Engine Marketing services, using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others help to draw numerous prospective customers to your website by targeting specific keywords which describe your product and service. We also conduct extensive research including both a market analysis as well as a strategic keyword analysis. From this research, we are able to compile a list of keywords that are to be used in your campaign. We then create and develop completely customized landing pages to use in conjunction with the selected keywords which will list the main selling points of your product/service, and will increase customer conversion rates.




Research and Analysis


Our approach to your completely customized Search Engine Marketing campaign begins with researching and analyzing what some of your key competitors current Online Marketing strategy consists of. This includes research and evaluation of their social media outreach initiatives, their Search Engine Marketing initiatives (including extensive keyword research with estimated ROI obtained per keyword used), as well as other PTC (paid to click) advertising networks that they are currently using. By researching your competitor’s initiatives, we are able to assess the unique Online Marketing and Advertising situation that your product or service finds itself in. As a result, we are able to create the perfect marketing mix, using some similar methods your competitors have found successful, as well as exploring the untapped areas that your competitors have yet to discover.




Landing Pages

Landing Pages are customized pages which contain the same keywords, as well as content, which were used in the individual keywords found in your Search Engine Marketing campaign. These landing pages’ primary objective is to reduce the amount of potential customers who click an advertisement and leave within seconds out of frustration, because the content that they reached was not consistent with the advertisement that they clicked on. By eliminating this through the creation of Customized Landing Pages, we are able to increase Conversion Rates, as well as ROI, while decreasing the overall advertisement expenditure.  Our in-house graphic designers will create a simple, dynamic, and stunning webpage, using themes which are consistent with your homepage to create a completely customized landing page, which will be modified and used for every single keyword that is in your Search Engine Marketing campaign.



We pride ourselves on creating a Search Engine Marketing campaign that not only attracts large numbers of new visitors to your website, but one which converts these new visitors into paying customers. After all, the bottom line for any marketing and advertising campaign is not only to increase brand awareness and exposure, but also to increase sales and profits. As such, we utilize custom conversion and ROI tracking, to constantly monitor and ensure that each of the keywords, advertisements, and landing pages in your campaign are profitable, or within your accepted cost per conversion range. We provide weekly, as well as monthly end cost metric reports which can be completely customized based on your needs.


Social Media Campaign


Our social media outreach campaign and management services are a great and cost effective way for you to connect with your current customers as well as potential customers. We enable you to speak directly to potential customers by creating and managing popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.





Sleek profiles and fan pages

In order to communicate with a massive target market at very low costs, we create, from the ground up, attractive and sleek profiles and fan pages within popular social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. These profiles will allow you to provide additional information, display your key selling points, attract new customers, provide a space where questions and answers as well as vital feedback can be publically displayed, and give unique promotions to new customers who purchase your product or sign up for your service via these outlets.




Progress Reports


All of our Online Marketing campaigns, including our Social Media Outreach campaigns, are constantly monitored, and we pride ourselves on giving timely metrics and progress reports to inform you on the development as well as achievements that are made. As such, we will deliver a short weekly report with updates and selected metrics, as well as a more in depth, and complete monthly report including the summary of the month’s metrics such as Fans, Followers & Members, Conversions, Comments, Questions, etc.


Valuable Relationships with Newsroom Decision Makers

We focus on pitching all media contacts relevant to your story – both traditional and new media. We have valuable relationships with newsroom decision makers to ensure your story lands on the desks of editors, producers and reporters who can cover your story.



Media Gate Team:


We have an experienced team with journalism, management, engineering, education, political science, public relations and new media/e-marketing background.







Ken Ochonogor

Ken Ochonogor could aptly be described as a man of many parts. A civil engineer, he works as an administrator and sports analyst. He is also the Director of Works and General Services, Lagos State University, Anthony Campus.

Ochonogor is a regular face on Channels Television Sports programmes. He presents Sports Palava and Sunday Sports. He is articulate, analytic and versatile in his interviews and presentations.

Ochonogor has been active in the media. His current role as Managing Consultant of Media Gate draws on his skill-set developed from a 20 year journalism career as sports TV anchor.


He has extensive contacts with sports, business, technology and Internet journalists who are very responsive to our pitches.



He attended Trinity Secondary Technical School, Araromi, Ajegunle, Lagos and the University of Lagos, where he studied Civil Engineering. He later had a second degree in Management from the same university. He obtained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Lagos State University.




Henry Ebireri is a seasoned marketing communication professional. He has both corporate and agency experience working with consumer and business-to-business clients.

Prior to public relations, Ebireri served as a journalist for NewAge, National Mirror, Business Hallmark, News Star and other news outlets.

With a passion for the news business and experience as a working journalist, he has a unique ability to craft newsworthy stories to help position companies as leaders of their industry and executives as experts in their respective fields. He has strong working relationships with reporters and editors at top-tier business and news publications and has placed impact stories for clients in every news medium including print, web, television and radio.

Ebireri has a deep understanding of social media best practices helping companies and their executives build an online presence, thought-leadership and credibility. He has engineered smart social media campaigns that have attracted thousands of fans and followers.

Ebireri has a wide range of experience in search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, link building, online guerrilla marketing, and public engagement through social media outlets, including but not limited to Twitter and Facebook.



If you’re looking to launch your company, create buzz around a project, announce a new product offering or just want some basic PR advice, we want to hear from you.




Call: 08036977194, 08037264024

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