Delta women endorse Olejeme

olojeme 8Female politicians in Delta State on Friday stormed the U and I headquarters in Asaba, urging the Chairman, Board of Directors, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme to vie for the governorship of Delta State in 2015.

The women pledged their unalloyed support and encouragement towards the realization of such aspiration.

They eulogized the virtues of Olejeme, stressing that she was eminently qualified for the exalted office.

“She combines integrity with intellect and character with competence “Chief Grace Okonta, Spokesperson of Vibrant Women in Delta Politics (VWDP) said.

Praising Olejeme for delivering much needed assistance to the poor and the downtrodden across the state, they urged the men to participate in the women’s movement by supporting her.

“Gender is not a central issue in the 2015 governorship contest. It is about the future of the state, the ability of an individual to consider issues in a rounded, holistic way and offer solutions to the problems affecting the state



“We want someone with experience, contacts and intimidating credentials. We want someone who will put the needs of people first. We want someone who will focus on improving the state’s economy and education system. It is important for Deltans to see a new and different kind of leadership that will take the state to the next level. It may well take a woman to do that,” she said.

While expressing confidence in her ability to move the state forward, the women said Olejeme would  address all wrongs and run a government that would not only be the envy of all but become a model for other states of the federation

“She will build a better future for the people. She will make our communities safer, create jobs, and get the state moving in the right direction” ” she added



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