Benola celebrates Christmas, visits Massey Children hospital

benola hos realBenola on Wednesday visited Massey Children Hospital, Lagos Island, wishing the children well.

“We want the children to share in the joy and blessing of Christmas. We want them to be happy” Co-Founder of Benola, Mrs. Alaba Gbadebo said.


She described Cerebral palsy as the single most expensive medical condition affecting children in Nigeria.

“We are here to raise public awareness and understanding of the condition. We are here to sensitize members of the public to the disorder, with the overall goal of helping indigent families who have children suffering from cerebral palsy.


She also spoke on the road map for managing cerebral palsy in Nigeria.

“. The roadmap will educate members, those in authority, the private sector and other well-meaning Nigerians about the issue at stake. It will also identify the programmes, opportunities and activities needed to help individuals with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential. The roadmap will encourage policies and laws that provide adequate support, access to services and resources, and modifications to traditional systems so they can be used by individuals with physical or developmental challenges. It will also work to change upstream factors like laws, regulations, policies, and institutional practices, and standards that influence the personal health, environments and choices of millions of individuals”.

She praised the doctors and the nurses for their commitment.

“They have excellent patient quality care” she said.

“I have never tasted the joy of receiving a present for coming to the hospital,” said Cythia, as she held tight to the toy presented to her. “I really enjoyed this day,” said Roseline, 6 years old.


“Deciding to step out of the routine of programmes in the hotels and office for sharing the love of Christmas with children in the hospital and to see the smile in those children’s face, was worth doing,” Mrs. Gbadebo added.

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