Olejeme marks birthday

ngozi 15
Activities to mark the birthday of Dr. Ngozi Olejeme will begin on Thursday, December 18, 2014.
A statement issued in Abuja by the Director of Communications, Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Foundation, Mr. Henry Ebireri said the philanthropist, entrepreneur, politician and administrator would visit orphanage, home for the elderly and hospitals in Abuja, Owerri, Asaba and Yenegoa.
“This is to appreciate God’s abundant blessings, bring smiles to the faces of disadvantaged children, women and elderly in Nigeria and also make the less privileged children, youth and widows share in the joy and blessing of Christmas by giving them tangible Christmas gifts” the statement said.
The Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Foundation aims to alleviate hardship and improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, women and elderly in Nigeria. The organization also helps women to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to lead successful, sustainable lives and contribute to their families and communities.
“Let us encourage orphans, poor widows and deserving old people” the statement added.

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